Saturday, November 06, 2004


Friday, August 20, 2004

Another Night At Bedroq

I am returning to Bedroq to spin with some impressive HNL acts, I look forward to this program, as well as the Connect Four weeklies, which will be dope this week as well. On the Aug 26th Installment of Connect Four...I get to host an friend of mine from Chattanooga, TN Kristi Williams. Last week at Connect Four I got to host Kat from ATL to Connect Four. I go back in 2.5 weeks to Tennessee, I cant wait to see Cat and my friends, & to be in my hometown again for a little while. ROOFLESS is taking place on the 5th. Its pretty cool to be returning to spin for a series of events that I helped start back in 01. That should be a mind blowing trip for me.

More soon...

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Turning 31

This Friday the 13th, Jason turns 31. Damn.

I feel good about this birthday, though. I mean, the shock of being in my 30s is just now starting to settle, so, the age thing isnt buggin' me as much. But now its about making the most of my years right now, jus' like anyone else, right?

But this birthday is gonna feature a midnight set at Connect Four, cant wait for that! Then I am taking my Dad to a reggae show...not just any reggae show, THE REGGAE SHOW! Luciano alongside Mikey General, Dean Fraser and Bunny Wailer headlining. Big tings! Its kinda a tradition for me and my Dad to trade musical experiences. He will take me to his blues & rock shows everyonce in a while, and I will take him to my favorite musical events. Its been something we've done since I was a youth, and I really dig it. Plus, he is a lot of fun, I couldnt think of a better person to party with on my birthday.

That show is after my birthday, on the 14th, but it will be outdoors, on Waikiki at the Shell. Perfect. Madre bought the tix for us for my birthday so we are good to go!


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

...another session tonight

...inside Bedroq, I will be with Melodious Solutions alongside Wicked Blend. I dig these sessions quite a bit, they remind me of my Nice It Up weekly back in Chattanooga, with a band and a lot of party people who live reggae.

LUCIANO & MIKEY GENERAL will be here next week Aug 14th, the day after my birthday, what a way to bring in the birthday! I play at Connect Four as I turn 31, and then head out to Luciano the next day, right in my backyard at the Waikiki Shell. Redda Fire.

Mikey General's Im So Glad Im a Rastaman is sneaking into my top 10 quickly! Just in time for his arrival on the island.

My girl Cat is in Florida with her co-workers for a couple of days, I pray for her safe journey.

Monday, August 02, 2004 come a ting call....

This Wed.nite inside Bedroq again, another session of reggae & dancehall vibes, Wicked Blend, White Line, and DJ Jahson deh pon stage. Bedroq is just off University Ave near U.H.

Starts at 9, free to 21+

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Easy Like Thursday Mornin'

Just got home from Bedroq's bar after playing alongside B.E.T. and an interesting group Hot Rain. I have too much energy after tonight to go to sleep, so here I am crackin' it on my blog. I got to meet some very cool people tonight, and get to know Mellow Mark a lil more, I had a great time spinning and I am glad pholks dug it! I recorded the second set on minidisc, I will be trying to get it transfered over to CD, or I may wait until another session and record that.

Now I will be changing my crates out for hip hop tonight, CONNECT FOUR is goin' off! I cant wait, I love Thursday Nights! C4 is going very well, and I am very pleased to be a resident DJ and member of the Direct Descendant familia. I realize a lot goes into that, recognizing past roads paved, and blazing new trails. I enjoy Hawai'i a great deal, but I never can take paradise for granted.

My trip back to Tennessee for a week is planned for the 4th of Sept, and my ticket is purchased! I fly into Memphis for chillin' w/ my cousin Layne and crate digging, and then onto Knoxville rather than ATL, and I am stoked about that. My girl Cat wont have to dodge that ATL notorious traffic and we can roll straight from the Knoxville airport to KFAR, the pirate radio station! A big session is planned there for my return. The Elevation Hip Hop show is announcing it already, so its gonna be big.

Then Sunday Night in Chattanooga is ROOFLESS, the Labor Day annual I help build back in 2001. I will be spinning an all 45rpm 7" set there, I fly out back to my rock on September 11th.

I cant wait to cool out with my pholk when I get back to Chatty and share my travels with them, I wish everyone can experience Oahu. I already had the privelage of chillin' with Thomas & Chez from Chattanooga out here. My homegirl Kristi will be out here in August, and I'm hoping Cat will be here in September. I have my homie Wigs coming in December...which is the best time to come to Hawai'i!

I am going to be posting some pics here pretty soon, please chime in these posts or just say whats up if your reading.


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

45Revolver's Reggae Chart as of 07/28/04

TOP 45's!

10. LUCIANO: Jah Will Never Let I Down
09. WARRIOR KING: Keep The Faith
08. CAPLETON: Lie Dem A Tell
07. ANTHONY B: Underground
06. MORGAN HERITAGE: Reggae Music
05. NATTY KING: No Guns To Town
04. SIZZLA: Keep On
03. CHUCK FENDA: Your So Beautiful
02. BUJU BANTON: If Jah Was Like Man
01. RICHIE SPICE: High Grade In My Chalice